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Can't Call out to a Toll-Free (1-8XX) Number
8x8 Support

Can't Call out to a Toll-Free (1-8XX) Number


Calls out to toll-free numbers from your 8x8 system do not go through.

Applies To

Toll-free numbers


Virtual Office

Ensure that a toll-free-to-toll-free call is not being attempted by doing one of the following:

Virtual Contact Center

If your Virtual Contact Center is set to display a toll-free number as your default outbound CallerID and you call other toll-free numbers that do not go through, enable the option to allow the selection of an alternate local outbound caller ID for these calls at the time the call is made. Create a case with 8x8 Technical Support for assistance in setting this up.


This is generally because you may be calling from a toll-free ANI (caller ID) yourself, or are calling a toll-free number in another country that does not accept toll-free calls from outside the country. The reason toll-free-to-toll-free calls will sometimes not go through in the United States is that neither party knows who will be paying for the call, so instead the underlying carriers do not complete the call.

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