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X Series Upgrade Impact
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X Series Upgrade Impact


This page provides details on the parts of your 8x8 system -- particularly in your new administration portal, Virtual Office Configuration Manager -- you can expect to see changes in following your X Series upgrade.

Note: For a helpful admin FAQ about the X Series upgrade process, click here.

Account Manager vs Configuration Manager

VO Configuration Manager may look different, but all the functionality you had before is still present. As before, administrators control the account and all onboarding and offboarding tasks, and determine what actions individual users can take, such as dialing internationally, recording calls, and making account changes.

In Configuration Manager, we have moved away from extension configuration to a user-based model for both ease of use and efficient user management. User profiles are created first, then services and phone numbers are assigned to them on the Users page. This creates an easy workflow for setting up all of your users before assigning extension services and phone numbers via your new X licenses.

You can easily navigate to settings for users, services, and sites by clicking the corresponding icon on the Configuration Manager home page.

Virtual Office Config Manager home screen

X Series Upgrade Impact

The below sections cover details and system changes related to your upgrade from Account Manager to Configuration Manager.

Auto Attendants 

  • All your Auto Attendant profiles from Account Manager (both active and inactive) are included in your system upgrade.
  • Configuration Manager supports the ability to create one Auto Attendant schedule and apply it to multiple Auto Attendants on your account.
  • After the upgrade all Auto Attendant profiles will continue to work as expected, but you will not be able to edit the default Auto Attendant (extension 444) in Configuration Manager.
  • To resolve this you will have to create a new Auto Attendant in Configuration Manager and point the original phone number(s) to the newly created Auto Attendant.
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  • Billing settings have been moved to the 8x8 Customer Portal (aka, My 8x8).
  • Your bill will be shorter and easier to read as individual service lines are now packaged into bundled services called Licenses.
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Communication Preferences 

  • Management of communication preferences with regard to 8x8 e-newsletter, satisfaction survey, and product trial or promotional emails is not supported in VO Configuration Manager.

Conference Bridge

  • Individual conference bridges and their dedicated numbers will be replaced with our latest 8x8 Video Meetings service.
  • Video Meetings will include a list of domestic and international dial-in numbers for participants that would prefer to dial into the meeting as opposed to joining online.
  • The conference bridge extension, 556, is not available to be assigned to users.
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  • All existing extensions are included in your system upgrade, and will be assigned to users.
  • The voicemail extension, 555, cannot be assigned to users.
  • The conference bridge extension, 556, cannot be assigned to users.
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Messaging & SMS 

  • Messaging can be disabled or enabled for all or some users in Configuration Manager via User Profile Policies.
  • The option to allow the entire company to either save or delete message history is not supported.
  • As long as messaging is enabled, any user with a US or Canada based phone number will have SMS available to them.
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PBX & Company Name 

  • Only PBX Name and Company Name are available for review.
  • Phone System Name is not supported.
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Physical Devices

  • Physical devices and phones are included in the upgrade and will continue to function as normal after the upgrade, but not all makes/models are supported in Configuration Manager.
  • Devices included in the upgrade that are not supported in Configuration Manager
    • It cannot be edited after the upgrade.
    • It cannot be added back to your account if removed after the upgrade.
    • It will not be listed on the Devices page.
  • Any changes made to the user profile that has an unsupported device assigned to it will result in the device not working or changes not saving correctly, and the device will need to be replaced.
  • You will not be able to swap the unsupported device with a supported device. A new user profile will have to be created to activate the new device, and the old user profile can be deleted.
  • To replace the device, contact your Sales Representative to get more information for a new device and the Flex Program.
  • A list of supported devices on Configuration Manager can be found here.
  • A list of devices not supported on Configuration Manager can be found here.

Primary & Secondary Administrators

  • Your 8x8 admin username and password are the same as before the system upgrade.
  • Any secondary admins have full admin privileges to the account, including billing options.
  • At this time, Configuration Manager only allows full access to all admins on the account.
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Receptionist Extension 

  • Existing custom receptionist extensions will still work after the upgrade, but editing these extensions is not supported in Configuration Manager.
  • To remove a custom receptionist extension after the upgrade, please open a case with 8x8 Support.

Users & User Setting Access

  • Users have access to their own user profile options through Account Settings in the Virtual Office Desktop application.
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Users Assigned Multiple Extensions 

  • ​​​​​​Users assigned multiple extensions with one profile currently have the ability to log into their extensions on Virtual Office Desktop or Mobile with one username and can select the extension they wish to log in to from the list of assigned extensions that display after entering login credentials.
  • After the upgrade, all extensions will have their own individual usernames, and these users will have to log in to each extension individually.
  • The user's Virtual Office login will follow the extension that was last logged into before the upgrade and will include that extension's personal contacts and profile picture.
    • The original username will be assigned to the extension that was last logged into the Virtual Office application(s): 
      • If a user has Virtual Office Desktop only - the most recently logged into an extension on the Desktop app will be assigned the original username.
      • If a user has Virtual Office Mobile only - the most recently logged into an extension on the Mobile app will be assigned the original username.
      • If a user has both Desktop & Mobile - the most recently logged into an extension on the Desktop app will be assigned the original username.
  • The remaining extensions will still be assigned to the user but they will each have their own dummy user profile and Virtual Office username. They will inherit the first name, last name, and voicemail to email notifications. 
  • The user will receive a Welcome Email for each dummy profile with the extension info, the new username, and a link to create a password.


  • User Joe is on account PBX1.
  • Joe has the username joe8x8 assigned to four extensions in Account Manager: 1001, 1002, 1003, & 1004 
  • After the upgrade there will be four new users created for each extension and they will have their own individual usernames.
  • The original username (joe8x8) will follow the extension that was last logged into Virtual Office Desktop or Mobile before the upgrade. In this example it is extension 1003.
  • Joe will receive a Welcome Email for each of the other extensions and will include details such as the new username and a link to create a password.

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 5.20.38 PM.png

Users With Only a Profile -- No Extension or Phone Number Assigned

  • Users in Account Manager that were only assigned a user profile and are not tied to any extension or phone number are included in your system upgrade.
  • After upgrade, these users' time zone will default to US Pacific Time, and their language will default to English.
  • These user settings can be adjusted as needed after the upgrade, when assigning an extension to the user.
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Virtual Extensions

  • Virtual Extensions are not supported in Configuration Manager.
  • Existing users assigned to Virtual Extensions are included in your upgrade, but will continue to NOT:
    • have access to the Virtual Office Desktop or Mobile applications.
    • be able to have physical devices (desk phones or adapters) activated on these extensions.
  • To assign regular extensions to these users, the users will need to be deleted and recreated manually.

Virtual Numbers 

  • All your Virtual Numbers are included with the same routing in your upgrade.
  • In Configuration Manager, Virtual Numbers are no different from regular phone numbers.
  • All phone numbers on your account will be visible and managed in one location.
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Virtual Office Desktop & Mobile Applications 

  • Admins on X Series can continue to disable access to Virtual Office Desktop for users as needed. 
  • At this time, X series admins are unable to disable use of Virtual Office Mobile.
  • Users may need to log out and log back into Virtual Office Desktop and Mobile after the upgrade.

Voicemail To Email Notifications 

  • Voicemail to email notification options are still configurable available per user -- however, the Link Only option is not available.
    • Users previously configured for the Link & Attachment option will be set to Attachment Only
    • Users previously configured for the Link Only option will be set to Notification Only.
  • The voicemail to email options available in Configuration Manager are: 
    • Notification Only
    • Attachment Only
    • Attachment only, delete original voicemail
    • Disable
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Voicemail Transcription 

  • Voicemail transcription is an available option in Configuration Manager, and can be enabled or disabled as needed across your account.
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