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8x8 Support

Low Volume on the 8x8 Work Desktop app


Volume drops automatically every time when using 8x8 Work Desktop app On Laptop or PC with Dolby Sounds setting turned "On".

Applies To

  • 8x8 Work Desktop Application
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Dolby Sound DAX2


This is related to Windows Operating System and PC/Laptop Hardware.

  1. Click on the Windows Search and type in "Services".
  2. Click on the Services app and scroll down to and RIGHT click on "Dolby DAX2
  3. API Service - Scroll down to Properties and in "Startup type" in the drop down menu change it from Automatic to Disable or Manual,
  4. Click "Apply" then click "OK".
  5. Come out and re-boot PC/Laptop.


Dolby DAX2 is feature of High spec laptop commonly known as Gamers machine. Sound controller works with windows registry, when registry doesn't receive request from sound controller to provider high/more kb sound from the application (8x8 work-D). Dolby sound feature DAX2 drops the sound every time, end user from both ends struggles to listen each other.