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Extension Unexpectedly Enters DND in 8x8 Work
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Extension Unexpectedly Enters DND in 8x8 Work

If you are unable to accept calls on your desk phone and calls go to voicemail. Then log in to VOD to set the presence indicator to available. Learn more here.


You cannot accept inbound calls on your desk phone. Instead, calls go straight to voicemail, as if the extension is in Do Not Disturb (DND) mode. There is no indication on the desk phone that the extension is in DND.

Applies To

Virtual Office Desktop, Virtual Office Online, 8x8 Work


Set Presence to Available

Ensure that the extension is Available in all softphone clients.

In Virtual Office Desktop / 8x8 Work and Online (both required)

  1. Log in to Virtual Office Desktop / 8x8 Work or Virtual Office Online.
  2. To the right of your username, click the presence indicator (the colored circle that indicates the extension's availability).
  3. Set availability to Available, or any state besides Do Not Disturb.
    VOD Status-279x350.jpg

In Virtual Office Mobile / 8x8 Work for Mobile 

  1. Log in to Virtual Office Mobile / 8x8 Work for Mobile 
  2. Click your User Profile icon.
    VOM - User Icon_0-300x150.jpg
  3. Touch the status icon (colored circle next to your name) to open the status selector.
  4. Set status to Available, or any state besides Do Not Disturb.
    VOM Status - Available1-300x420.jpg


Most likely, the extension has been set to Do Not Disturb in Virtual Office Desktop, Online, or Mobile. When this is set on a softphone client, there is no visual indication on the phone that DND has been turned on. Even if you log off of the computer or mobile client, if DND has not been removed, the extension will remain in that state, with no way to toggle the setting from the phone.