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Forwarding Calls in Virtual Office Desktop
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Forwarding Calls in Virtual Office Desktop

To set forwarding rules for your extension through a Virtual Office, navigate to the application’s setting and then click on Account Settings. Learn more.

Applies To

Virtual Office Desktop (all versions)

Virtual Office Mobile (all versions)


Forwarding rules for all calls directed to your own extension can be set within any of 8x8’s Virtual Office applications: Virtual Office DesktopOnline, or Mobile for Android and iOS.

To set forwarding rules for your extension through a Virtual Office application, navigate to the application’s Settings, click on Account Settings, and open the options for Call Forwarding. From here, you can enable all calls to forward to a single destination, or you can create custom rules.

To create a custom forwarding rule, click + Add New Rule and review the various options. When you are ready to set your rule, click Save. When you are done creating rules, click Save once more in the Call Forwarding window within Settings. Your changes will be saved and you can exit Settings.


Disabling Call Forwarding

If you want to disable the forwarding rules you have created, you will need to return to Settings > Call Forwarding and uncheck the box next to the appropriate rule to disable it. Then click Save.

Note: Turning call forwarding off from the Virtual Office Desktop panel will not disable custom call forwarding rules. You need to disable the particular rule under Settings > Call Forwarding to turn off that rule.

Additional Information

Be sure your forwarding rules do not conflict with any rules set in Account Manager, Configuration Manager, or on your deskphone.