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Handling Multiple Calls in Virtual Office Desktop
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Handling Multiple Calls in Virtual Office Desktop


How many simultaneous calls can I manage in Virtual Office Desktop?

Applies To

Virtual Office Desktop (all versions)


Whether on a desk phone, the Virtual Office Desktop application, or the Virtual Office Mobile smartphone app, 8x8 Virtual Office enables you to handle up to two calls at once, whether separately or in a three-way conference.

If you are on a call when a second call comes in, you will hear a beep indicating an incoming call. You can manage both by simply placing your current caller on hold and answering the new call, then alternate between the parties as often as you like. Similarly, you can choose to add a second call while on an existing call. Call Waiting allows callers to reach you even when you are on the phone with another call.

Additional Information

For more information on call handling in Virtual Office Desktop, see the Virtual Office Desktop Web Help Guide.

Need to manage more than two calls?

8x8's Switchboard Pro is a nimble, cloud-based solution for receptionists and other users who need to ably manage multiple incoming calls. 

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