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How to Silent Install or Uninstall 8x8 Work for Desktop
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How to Silent Install or Uninstall 8x8 Work for Desktop



Silent install or uninstall process for Work for Desktop.

Applies To

  • Work for Desktop


To present this article, we are going to refer to a sample MSI file named as VOD_6.6.2-9.msi (at the time this article was written, VOD_6.6.2-9 represents the latest build). We will also use the following location purely as an example: C:\Users\admin\Downloads\test-script.

  1. Download the MSI file using this link. Make sure to know the path of the Windows folder where the *.msi package has been saved.
  2. Open Command Prompt in Admin Mode.
  3. Type cd C:\Users\admin\Downloads\test-script (cd = change directory). You should now be located in C:\Users\admin\Downloads\test-script
    • To Install, paste one of the below commands:
      • msiexec /i VOD_6.6.2-9.msi /passive
      • msiexec /i VOD_6.6.2-9.msi /quiet
    • To uninstall the softphone app, use the below command:
      msimsiexec.exe /x VOD_6.6.2-9.msi /quiet

Additional Information

Click here for more information on the above commands.

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