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Messaging in 8x8 Work Applications FAQ
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Messaging in 8x8 Work Applications FAQ

How do I share files via messaging?

Click + to select one or more files (100mb maximum), then type an optional message to include with the files, and press Send (paper airplane icon).

What message format commands are available?

Bold, italics, strikeout, fixed width font, and hyperlink text.

New Messaging Experience Formatting Options

  • Bold - use “*” (asterisk)
  • Italics - use “_” (underscore)
  • Fixed width Font - use “`” (back quote)
  • Strikeout - use “~” (tilda)
  • To use:
    • Enclose a phrase in the formatting characters
    • The phrase must not start with a space
    • The phrase must be on a single line
  • Examples:
    • E.g.: *this is bold*                Results in: this is bold
    • E.g.: _this is italics_             Results in: this is italics
    • E.g.: `this is a fixed width`    Results in: this is a fixed width    
    • E.g.: ~this is struckout~        Results in: this is struckout 
  • Hyperlink text - use the format: [Linked Text]( Results in Linked Text

Can I send messages to a contact's internal extension as well as their external mobile phone number?

Yes. There will be two conversations shown in your Messages list, so that you can respond via SMS or internal messaging.

Can I delete sent messages?

You are only able to delete IM (not SMS) messages that you send.  Click on the 3 dots icon next to the message and select the "Delete" option.  Note that currently you are only able to delete messages that were sent within 12 hours.  After that the "Delete" option will still be available but will not be responsive when confirming.

What happens to messaging history if I unassign an extension in Account Manager?

Chat data is tied to the user account ID instead of the extension, so messaging history will not be available when reusing extensions. To retain the messages for an account, the user account ID must be reused and not deleted.

What happened to my sent SMS history from March 2018 and earlier?

SMS history is only available from April 2018, when a new 8x8 messaging platform was introduced. 

To access older SMS conversations, log in to Virtual Office Online in a browser to see complete history.

I have a single login and use many extensions. What are the steps I need to take to use New Messaging Experience?

The 8x8 messaging service and X Series products are based around a single extension per login, so you may encounter missed messages, lack of history, and presence issues if you use a single login and multiple extensions. Please set up each extension you use as a separate login for the best user experience.

If I create a new login account for messaging, will it have history from the extension that was previously assigned to it?

No, it will begin with no history as of the create date, but accumulate all new messages as history.

Is there a group chat feature?

Yes! Check out 8x8 Team Messaging here.