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Unable to Log in to Virtual Office Integrations or Plug-Ins
8x8 Support

Unable to Log in to Virtual Office Integrations or Plug-Ins

You must reset Virtual Office password if you are unable to log in to Virtual Office integrations or plug-ins. Learn more here.


Though you are successfully able to log in to 8x8 Virtual Office applications such as Virtual Office Desktop and Virtual Office Mobile, when using any of the below Virtual Office integrations or plug-ins, you cannot log in using your Virtual Office username and password:​​

  • Click2Pop
  • ACT!​
  • eAgent
  • Sugar CRM

Applies To

Click2Pop, ACT!, eAgent, Sugar CRM


Change Your Password

For the first two causes listed above, it is recommended that the user reset their Virtual Office password.

First, confirm you are successfully able to log in with your Virtual Office username and password at

Then try changing your Virtual Office password, excluding the problematic special characters.

To reset your Virtual Office password

  1. Access Virtual Office at
  2. If prompted, review the License Agreement and click I Agree.
  3. In the lower right of the Log In screen, click Help.
  4. On the Log in Help page, enter your Username
  5. Click Send. An email will be sent to the email address associated with this User Profile.
  6. Look in your email for 8x8 Password Reset Request from 8x8 Customer Support. (If you cannot find it, check your spam folder.)
  7. Follow the directions in the email and click the link to reset your password.
  8. In the 8x8 Reset Password window, answer your security question and click Submit to proceed. (If you have not set a security question, continue below.)
  9. Enter and confirm your new password. Your password must:
    • Contain 8-25 characters
    • Include both lower and uppercase letters
    • Include numbers
    • Include at least 1 of these special characters: ~ @ # $ ^ * + – = | : ; ?
    • Have no spaces
    • Be different from your username
  10. Click Submit. You will see a message confirming that your password has successfully updated.

When complete, test that your new password allows you log in to both and the integration you need to use.

Virtual Office Editions Users

At this time ACT!, Click2Pop, eAgent, and Sugar CRM integrations are not supported on Virtual Office Editions. Support for these integrations will be added in a future release.


There are three possible causes of this issue:

  1. Some integrations will not accept certain special characters in passwords. Especially troublesome are: &>, and <.
  2. In rare cases, the user password may not work properly with integrations and plugins even though the password meets the above requirements and works for other applications.
  3. You are a Virtual Office Editions user.
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