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Virtual Office Desktop New Experience Feature Highlights
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Virtual Office Desktop New Experience Feature Highlights


Virtual Office Desktop (VOD) New Experience offers elegant, powerful, reliable communication capabilities on a modern web-based technology. Users migrating from the older Classic Experience will see many significant improvements. This article lists some of the less frequently used capabilities that are no longer supported, or that have been replaced with an improved experience and capabilities.

What is the Virtual Office Desktop New Experience user interface?

All versions of Virtual Office Desktop v 5.x have two different user interfaces, a Classic mode and a New Experience mode. These two modes are actually two different versions of Virtual Office Desktop, with the Classic variant being a locked, older version of the application. As a result, Classic mode has not benefited from bug fixes for over a year and users may experience issues that have been resolved in the New Experience. See below for some of the key differences between Classic and New Experience modes.

New VOD Experience Highlights

  • Elegant, responsive app powered by modern web technology
  • Powerful Team Messaging capabilities
  • Improved audio reliability and quality
  • Improved Meetings scheduling experience
  • Easy to install and upgrade

Updated Capabilities

Capability What Has Changed
Simultaneous use of Softphone & Deskphone Control

New Experience has eliminated the simultaneous use of VOD as a softphone while using Deskphone call control via.

When the user selects Call using Deskphone, the app flow will be fine tuned for use with a deskphone. If the user selects Call using Computer, the app flow will be fine tuned as softphone.

When the user is in Call using Computer mode, there will be no indication of incoming or active calls via the user’s deskphone.

Ability to drop one party from a merged 3-party audio call Not currently supported.
Minimal Mode (only VOD toolbar displayed) New Experience offers compact and expanded modes.
Contact import via direct login to Exchange New Experience will no longer support a direct login to Exchange due to security concerns. Users can use contact import via Outlook.
Google Contact Import Not currently supported. Coming soon!

Group Chat, Multiple Chat Windows

Group Chat has been replaced with enhanced Team Messaging capabilities. See this FAQ for more information on the new messaging experience.
Custom Presence States (ability to define custom text to display when the user goes on call or is in a meeting) These rarely used capabilities were not carried over to New Experience.
Meeting whiteboard This rarely used capability was not carried over to New Experience.
Fax cover sheet with images Not currently supported.
VCC Expert Connect Users who are utilizing VCC Expert Connect to communicate with the rest of the business will be able to do so. However, users with multiple extensions will have Expert Connect available only on their lowest extension number.
Join Meeting as Guest

Not currently supported.

Guests outside your company can continue to join the Virtual Office Meeting through the Browser, or install the Virtual Office Desktop Guest App. These options can be accessed when the user chooses the Meetings Invite URI.

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