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Deleted Voicemails Still Appear in the Voicemail List

When using Virtual Office Mobile smartphone app to delete voicemails but the deleted voicemails still appear listed, refresh the voicemail box. Learn more here.


When using the Virtual Office Mobile smartphone application to delete voicemails, the deleted voicemails still appear listed in the app. If you call the voicemail service, you can confirm that the messages themselves have actually been deleted.

Applies To

Virtual Office Mobile


Refresh the voicemail box.

The app voicemail box will refresh and update properly upon either:

  • Logging out and logging back in.
  • The arrival of a new voicemail.


This is most likely due to a connectivity issue at the time you deleted the voicemails, preventing a complete update of the in-app voicemail box. If you can no longer access the deleted message when calling the voicemail service, you can be assured it has been cleared from the cloud mail server, and its remaining appearance in the app is purely cosmetic.

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