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Scheduling a Meeting Using Virtual Office Mobile
8x8 Support

Scheduling a Meeting Using Virtual Office Mobile


Schedule a meeting using Virtual Office Mobile.

Applies To

  • Virtual Office Mobile
  • 8x8 Video Meetings


Scheduling a meeting requires syncing Virtual Office Mobile with a calendar. An event created in the synced calendar will appear in Virtual Office Mobile where an 8x8 Video Meeting can be added. 

  1. Open the calendar.
  2. Create an event.
  3. Open Virtual Office Mobile.
  4. Tap Meetings
  5. The event created should be listed. Tap add meeting (calendar icon).
  6. A prompt asking "Do you want to add an 8x8 meeting to this event" will appear -> tap Yes.

The event now has a meeting in your preferred choice of meeting location. 

Additional Information

The meeting location can be customized within the app.