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8x8 Work for Mobile can't Receive Calls on Android Phones for Legacy Users


Can't receive calls on Android Phones, user is provisioned on Account Manager.

Applies To

  • Account Manager
  • Android Phones



Before proceeding with the steps, log out of your Work for Desktop and Work for Mobile for the changes to apply.

  1. Login to your account manager dashboard.
  2. Go to Phone System.
    vom 1.PNG
  3. Select the View All Extension.
    vom 2.PNG
  4. Search for the affected extension and click on Edit user.
    vom 3.PNG
  5. Click on Reset Profile.
    vom 4.PNG
  6. Now Save the profile.
  7. On your Android phone uninstall the VOM app.
  8. Go to your app store.
  9. Install the Work for Mobile.
  10. Login.
  11. Allow all the permissions which pops up on the screen.


This is normally caused when your android services are conflicting with the 8x8 app. 

Additional Information

If you're still unable to receive calls on your Work for Mobile app, Contact 8x8 Support for further assistance.

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