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Contact Center agent timer shows negative value


The contact center timer shows a negative value.

Applies To

  • Virtual Contact Center Agent Workspace


This is happening because the computer time is not in sync with internet time. 

You need to sync their computer time, otherwise they may see some negative time or time differences when they are handling transactions, or during post processing time. 

Best way for it to be done by right clicking on the date and time in the right hand corner of your screen -> adjust date/time ->  click on date & time : - you may need your IT to assist you in changing these settings.


If the issue still persists 

  1. Login Contact Center Agent Workspace
  2. click on Menu
  3. Profile
  4. "reset preferences to default"
  5. Try toggling your VPN on/off

Again if the issue still persists, please clear the cache and cookies on the browser and it can be a caching issue. 

Should this still not fix the issue try any other browser.

Should all these steps still not work, please supply the results of the tests above with a console log to a ticket with support. To know how to get the console logs please go here:

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