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Setting favorites in Contact Center Agent Console


We can bookmark agents you contact often and queues used often, and track their status every time you log in with just a click on the Favorites tab.

For example, you are one of five managers in the AcmeJets Support agent group. You manage seven team members out of the 50 members belonging to the group. You can mark these seven team members as your favorites and monitor their status with just a click, rather than sifting through the status of the whole team.

Applies To

All users who have access to Contact Center Agent Console


  • Login into Contact Center Agent console from SSO panel.
  • On the left pane, click on ''All'' which displays a list of all queues and agents
  • Selecting Favorite.JPG will add them in the favorites list. (Seen in Favorite Tab)


Additional Information

You can also bookmark the agent via the Shared Directory. Go to the Directory tab to locate the agents. This feature is available to users of Unified Login with 8x8 Work.

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