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Transfer phone interactions to agents

Transfer phone interactions to agents

8x8 Contact Center allows agents to transfer an active call to another agent. Before transferring a call, you can check the status of other agents, consult an available agent, or transfer the call blindly without consulting. Alternatively, users of Unified Login and 8x8 Work can connect with an expert in your company for advice via chat. For details on how to connect with your company's experts, see our content on connect with your company's experts using 8x8 Expert Connect.

To transfer an active phone interaction to another agent:

  1. During an active call, notify the current caller about the transfer.
  2. While in an active call on line 1, click line 2 in the Phone tab.
    Agent Console automatically places the phone interaction on line 1 on hold.
  3. Click the Agents tab to see a list of agents currently logged in to Agent Console and their current status.
    You can consult an available agent before transferring the call, or transfer blindly. You can consult the agent by phone or chat.
  4. To consult the second agent before transferring the interaction:
    1. Make sure you have switched to line 2.
    2. Select an agent from the list, and click to bring up the context menu.
    3. Initiate a call or a chat with the agent by choosing Make a call or Start a chat.
    4. Inform the agent you are transferring a phone interaction to them, then click  to complete the transfer.
      Agent Console submits a new phone interaction to the selected agent, then changes your status to Post Processing.
  5. To transfer the interaction without first speaking to the second agent, select an agent, then click Blind Transfer.
    Agent Console sends the phone interaction to the selected agent, then changes your status to Post Processing.

    Note: If the second agent does not answer the phone, and the agent does not have 8x8 Contact Center voicemail, then the call is dropped after the timeout period.

  6. Click End Post Processing to make your status Available, or click Work Offline if you need more time to complete any post processing tasks. For information about your contact center's timeout interval, contact your contact center administrator.
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