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Calls not distributing equally between agents based on available timers


Why are some agents getting calls before others when the other agents have longer available times?

Applies To

  • Contact Center


By default, it's not the status that determines when an interaction is given to an agent but the agent's Idle timer which is not visible.

There is a way to override this withing Contact Center Configuration Manager for Contact Center should you wish to change it from default.

  1. To change it log into Contact Center Configuration Manager for Contact Center.
  2. Click Home.
  3. Then click on the tab for Agent's Idle Timer.
  4. Select which status you want to change from and to (ie select Select the box that matches Work Offline on the left-hand side and Available from the top headers to reset the Idle Time when they change from Work Offline to Available.)
  5. Click Save.


The Idle timer by default is set to count the time someone has not been on an interaction based on an interaction ending post-processing.  So under this Rule:

Agent 1 ends post-processing and goes into working offline -> Agent 2 finishes post-processing after Agent 1 but goes into available straight away -> Agent 1 then comes available.

The call will go to Agent 1 as their idle timer was longer since they finished post-processing first. This will happen regardless of the fact that Agent 2 will have a longer Available time than Agent 1.

Additional Information 

More Use Cases and information can be found here:


Please be aware that selecting anything other than the default means the agents will be able to reset their own idle timers but selecting those status' For instance if an agent doesn't want to take a call they just keep selecting working offline (or other status) to reset their timer. 

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