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Report Output When Sorting By Evaluation Date Vs Interaction Date


What information will I see if I sort Quality Management reports by Interaction Date?

Applies To

  • Quality Management
  • Reporting


Sorting a Quality Management report by Interaction Date will show evaluations within the selected timeframe. Let's say you sort a report by Interaction Date and you are looking for evaluations completed in May for calls that occurred in January. The report is not designed to display an evaluation for a call in January if the evaluation was completed in May. The report shows the call made in January, but it can't move the evaluation completion date from May to January. If that call was made in December 2018 and evaluated in January 2019, you will not be able to see that evaluation in the report because the call was made outside the selected time range, this is the result of sorting the report by Interaction Date.

The report does not sort or display results by call date. It sorts and displays results by evaluation.

The report will show the evaluations made only for the calls completed in the chosen time range.


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