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Evaluating separate agents who participate on the same interaction


Sometimes a customer will speak to multiple agents during an interaction.  With older versions of Quality Management (5.9.2 and before) one could only evaluate the first agent who accepted the interaction even if they transfered it to one or more other agents.

New Behavior

The new versions of Quality Management allow users to see all of the "legs" that make up an interaction.  Each leg is associated with a separate agent so that one can evaluate each agent who participated in an overall interaction with a customer.

Viewing Separate Legs

You can tell if an interaction has multiple legs when you see the interaction expansion icon in the interaction details display.

Interaction legs icon.jpg

Once you click on the icon it will bring up a list of the legs of a transaction and the View in list button.

View in list.jpg

Clicking on the button will bring up with an Interactions search tab with the separate legs of the interaction listed.  You can click on any of them and choose to evaluate the ones you have the privileges to evaluate.


The person viewing the interaction or interactions can only see the legs of the interaction which are related to agents visible to them.

For example if a supervisor can see Tier 1 agents but not Billing agents if a Tier 1 agent transfers a call to a Billing agent the supervisor will only see the Tier 1 agent leg of the interaction.

This behavior is limited availability with the 5.9.3 release.  You must request that it be enabled for your tenant.  Please contact support to have them submit your request to have the feature enabled.