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What are VCC custom fields and how can they be pulled into Quality Management for easy filtering?


What are the VCC custom fields that can be pulled into Quality Management for easy filtering?

Applies To

  • Quality Management/Speech Analytics


Custom fields contain relevant information about a particular interaction, such as transaction code, queue name, channel name etc. These fields are being pulled into Quality Management from VCC. These fields can be easily added from the Settings - Information Display - Interactions section as seen below and then renamed accordingly.

custom fields.PNG

The QM custom fields and their VCC correspondent are listed below:

customField16 vcc_queue_number
customField17 vcc_queue_name
customField18 vcc_channel_name
customField19 vcc_status
customField20 transaction_code_1
customField21 transaction_code_2
customField22 transaction_code_3
customField23 transaction_code_4
customField24 transaction_code_5
customField25 agent_notes


Additional Information

It is not required to add a custom field to the Search Interactions page in order to filter calls. As long as the correct custom field name is used as a chip in the filter, as listed below, QM will still be able to perform a search and pull the relevant information.


custom f.PNG

Custom fields can also be renamed, in order to match with the back end VCC correspondent.

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