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How to Create Labels in Quality Management and Attach them to Interactions


Create a label that can be attached to interactions

Applies To

  • Quality Management


  1. Go to the Settings option on the left hand QM panel.  
  2. Select Label from the Application section.
  3. Click the New button, in the upper right corner of the page.create label.PNG
  4. Name the label and then save it.
  5. Go to the Search Interactions option on the left hand QM panel.
  6. Set the date picker for the date you want to pull results for.
  7. Find an interaction and click on it.
  8. After you've selected an interaction, the Interaction Details panel will slide out, where you will have the Label option.attach label to call.PNG
  9. Select a previously created label and attach it to the interaction.
  10. Go back to the Search Interactions page and insert a new filter to find all interactions from a specific date that match the label you're searching for.find interactions by label.PNG
  11. After clicking on the Search option you will be presented with all the interactions that match your search criteria (e.g Label is Label name)

Additional Information

You have the ability of creating a label on the interaction itself by selecting the Label option, then typing in the label name and then saving it.