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Write coaching comments for the agent (Supervisor)


The agent’s supervisor receives an email that prompts them to provide coaching feedback.

Applies To

  • QM


To provide coaching feedback:

  1. Log in to the Speech Analytics & QM app.
  2. Open the email prompting for coaching feedback.
  3. Click on the Write Coaching Comments prompt. The Edit Evaluation page displays.coaching-required-email.png
  4. After reading the evaluation and coaching the agent, enter coaching feedback in the Coaching Comment section and click Add.
  5. A prompt display asking if you want to send an email to the agent confirming that they received coaching feedback. Click Email agent.

    Note: This prompt is defined by the coaching preferences set in the template.

  6. Click Another prompt display asking if you want to email the agent a summary of the evaluation. Click Email agent.

    The agent receives an email stating that their evaluation report is available to view.


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