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8x8 Support

Enable Screen Pop in Configuration Manager for Salesforce Integration


Enable agents on the Salesforce integration with 8x8 Contact Center.

Applies To

  • Configuration Manager for Contact Center
  • Salesforce Integration


Note: The screen pop window is not applicable to Version 3.1 users. Make sure the Enable Screen Pop option is cleared in Configuration Manager when configuring your screen pop.

  1. Log in to Configuration Manager, and go to Integration > Screen Pop.
  2. Click Enable Screen Pop.
  3. Select Salesforce as the Target type.
  4. Select Enhanced for the Integration type.
  5. Under Agents, select and assign all agents or just the agents you would like to give access to Salesforce integration.
  6. Under Trigger an Auto Log Window after interactions, select media for auto log from PhoneVoicemail, and Chat. Auto log automatically generates a log for the interaction. A call log includes information about the time a call was initiated, terminated, duration and more. A chat log includes the chat transcript as well as other information.You can disable auto log for a specific medium by clearing that medium's check box.
  7. Select the Type of log window whether you would like to open the log for edit or just for view.
  8. Under Trigger A Popup Window, decide when you would like the screen pop to be offered for each interaction:
    • When an agent is offered an interaction
    • When an agent accepts an interaction
    • When an agent completes an interaction
  9. Under Window Properties, define the desired screen pop settings such as whether to open a new window or use a single window for screen pop. This setting also allows you to define the size of the screen pop window and to set the window properties.
  10. Click Save. The screen pop capability is now enabled for the SalesforceVersion 1.0 user.