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Enhanced Mode Integration EOL


‘Enhanced Mode’ integration is no longer supported by 8x8.


Enhanced Mode provided the means for 8x8 to integrate its communications services with 3rd party CRM applications, including Salesforce, Netsuite and Microsoft Dynamics, with its original (now legacy) suite of services, referred to as 8x8 ‘Editions’.

Applies To

  • Customers using Enhanced Mode integration 


Customers are required to remove Enhanced Mode and migrate over to Maestro 3.1.

The Maestro integration is the current generation middleware solution that supports an expanded range of CRM applications and extended functionality for use with the latest generation suite of services, known as 8x8 X Series. Steps on how to install the Maestro Integration can be found in the associated Admin Guides below:  

Salesforce Integration:

Netsuite Integration:

Microsoft Dynamics Integration:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Enhanced Mode and Maestro 3.1?

  • There is one notable difference relating to the user login experience. 

    • In the case of ‘Enhanced Mode’, the end user login first into Agent UI which in turn launches the CRM. 

    • Whereas with ‘Maestro 3.1’, the end user needs to login into CRM first which in turn launches the Agent UI.