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8x8 Support

One-Way Audio With Generic Bluetooth Headset


When using a generic Bluetooth headset, you cannot hear the other party but they can hear you.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Work
  • Windows


  1. Within 8x8 Work, open Settings and check the assignment under Speakers.
  2. With some devices, there will be two entries. One may be flagged as Headphones and the other as Headset.
  3. Be sure to select the option for Headset which should match the setting under Microphone.


Generic audio devices will load drivers to support multiple functionalities for multiple applications. Typically the Headset setting is recognized by Telephony applications, such as 8x8 Work, for two-way audio set in conjunction with a Microphone of the same name. The Headphones option is more aligned with the listening to or monitoring of audio-only.

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