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Integrating Cyberdata and 8x8


This document covers how to integrate a Cyberdata device with 8x8. There are 2 options for integrating the Cyberdata with 8x8. The first is integrating it into an existing Poly Multicast paging group and the second is registering the Cyberdata as a 3rd party SIP device.

Applies To

  • Cyberdata Paging speaker
  • Cyberdata Talk Back speaker
  • Cyberdata Intercom (not part of a paging group)

Cyberdata as part of Poly Paging group

Login to the Cyberdata device, and click on the Multicast Tab

  1. Enable Multicast Operation
  2. Set the Address to
  3. Set the port to 5001
  4. Set Default channel to 1
  5. Set Priority channel to 24
  6. Set Emergency channel to 25

These settings match the default settings of Poly and 8x8's paging configuration


Registering as 3rd party device

The Cyberdata can be registered as a 3rd party SIP device on 8x8. for more information on 3rd party SIP and 8x8 see Does 8x8 Support 3rd party devices?

  1. Enable SIP opertation
  2. Register with SIP Server
  3. Set SIP Server to
  4. Set SIP  User ID and SIP Auth ID to the GUN provided by 8x8
  5. Set SIP Auth Password to the password provided by 8x8
  6. Set SIP Remote port to 5299
  7. Set Outbound Proxy to

all other settings leave the defaults


Additional Information

Cyberdata does not support Poly Multicast when the codec is set to G.722, you must change the codec to G.711. If you experience "static" or "buzzing" when making a page this is due to a codec miss match, please change the Poly's codec to G.711. This can be done on a per device basis, or request 8x8 to push this change in the configuration of the device.


Note you can get the password for the device from the admin console by going to users, hitting the 3 dots on the user you are testing with, and scrolling down to the device admin password




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