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How to Configure my Ubiquiti Edgemax Router X

Important-Icon.png The purpose of this article is to provide a sample configuration. At the time of article creation, this device was in a known working state on the firmware used. 

Keep in mind different firmware versions will interact with hosted VoIP services in different ways. While this device may be fully functional on the tested and/or current firmware version, it is possible newer revisions will cause disruptions in service or make a device fully compliant with the required settings for hosted VoIP services where it was previously not.


Configure an Edgemax Router.

Applies To

  • Ubiquiti Edgemax Router


Log in to the EdgeMax router Web GUI and follow the below sections of this guide.

Adding 8x8 Subnets

Click here for a list of 8x8 Subnets. You will need them for the below steps.

  1. Click Firewall/NAT Groups.
  2.  Click +Add Group.
    • Enter a Name for this group
    • Select Address Group for Group Type
    • Click Save to apply the changes 
  3. Click the Actions drop down menu for the Address created.
    • Click Config
    • Enter the Name for this group
    • Enter the 8x8 Subnets, click +Add as needed
    • Click Save once complete
Important-Icon.png Please Note: A rule needs to be created for WAN IN, WAN OUT, LAN IN, and LAN OUT with the 8x8 Subnets.

Creating the WAN IN Rule

  1. Once the group has been created navigate to Firewall Policies tab.
    • Click + Add Ruleset
    • Enter a name for this policy
    • Select Accept for the Default Action
    • Click Save to apply your changes
  2. Click the Actions button.
    • Click Edit Rules
    • Click Add New Rule
    • Under the Basic tab select All Protocols
    • Under the Source tab select the '8x8 Address Group' under the Address Group drop down menu
    • Under the Destination tab select the appropriate WAN port you have configured under Network Group


Creating the WAN OUT Rule

  1. Click on the +Add ruleset.
  2. Click Edit Rules.
  3. Click Add New Rule > select Accept.
  4. Under the Basic tab select All Protocols.
  5. Under the Source tab, select the appropriate WAN port you have configured under Network Group.
  6. Under the Destination tab select the 8x8 Address Group under the Address Group drop down menu.



Disable SIP

  1. Navigate to Config Tree.
  2. ExpandSystem > Conntrack > modules > SIP > click on the + next to disable.


Configure UDP/TCP Timeout

  1. ExpandSystem > Conntrack > timeout > UDP.
  2. Modify Other & Stream.
  3. Set these values to 300.
  4. Expand: System > Conntrack > timeout > TCP.
  5. Modify Close, Established, and Time-wait.
  6. Set these values to 300.
  7. Click Preview to preview your new configuration changes. The Commands to commit screen appears and displays a summary of changes.
  8. Click Apply to save your changes.

Additional Information

  • Firmware tested on: v1.10.9
  • SSH commands:
    • ubnt#configure
    • ubnt#set system conntrack modules sip disable
    • ubnt#set system conntrack timeout udp stream 300
    • ubnt#set system conntrack timeout udp other 300
    • ubnt#set system conntrack timeout tcp close 300
    • ubnt#set system conntrack timeout tcp established 300
    • ubnt#set system conntrack timeout tcp time-wait 300
    • ubnt#commit
    • ubnt#save
    • ubnt#exit
  • For any other technical information and user guides, from the manufacturer, click here.
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