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Message on Overhead Page: Paging System Is Not Available

Receiving an error "the paging system is not available" when using the overhead paging system? Create a case with 8x8 Technical Support. Learn more.


When using the overhead paging system, you receive an error that says, "The paging system is not available."

Applies To

Overhead paging systems


Verify if the customer's overhead paging unit uses FXO or FXS mode.  This can be done by having the customer reach out to the overhead paging installer or by contacting the manufacturer to verify.  Then set the proper configuration for the adapter.

Verify that there is no stuck call on the paging extension.

Create a Case with 8x8 Technical Support

If you are experiencing this issue, please create a case with 8x8 Technical Support.


One cause of this problem could be the ATA adapter cannot communicate with the overhead paging unit.

The other cause of this problem might be that there is a stuck call on the paging extension (only on FXO Mode).