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Valcom V-2001A Overhead Paging System Configuration


Configuring a Valcom V-2001A overhead paging system for 8x8 services. You need an adapter when using an ATA to convert the FXS output from the ATA to 600 ohms which is required for the V-2001A. A Universal Telephone Interface (UTI), such as Valcom V-9970 or a Viking FXI-1A is REQUIRED for it to work with an FXS/ATA. You can also integrate by using an Algo 8301 IP Paging Adapter & Scheduler, which is a SIP connection and would not require an ATA.


Disclaimer:  8x8 is not Responsible for configuration or deployment of legacy 3rd party Paging devices, please consult the Original Equipment Manufacture for support.  8x8 X Series does not support FXO 3rd party devices


Never connect an ATA directly to the Valcom V-2001A 

Applies To

  • Valcom V-2001A
  • Valcom V-9970 (Universal Telephone Interface)
  • Viking FXI-1A
  • Algo 8301


Valcom V-2001A

This won't work on either FXS or FXO Mode, so a Universal Telephone Interface (UTI) like Valcom V-9970 must be used.


ATA Adapter > V-9970 > V-2001A.


ATA Adapter > FXI-1A > V-2001A


Algo 8301 > V2001A

Valcom V-9970

To configure the V-9970, see Valcom V-9970 Overhead Paging System Configuration for 8x8 Services. To connect to V-9970, please see the below diagram:

Configuring Valcom V-2001A.png

Viking FXI-1A

The FXI-1A will answer a ringing line, activate its relay, and pass the paging audio onto the amplifier. It will then drop the call based on Page Time Out, Silence Time Out, detecting a Busy Signal or Calling Party Control (CPC). See image below for further details.


Algo 8301

The Algo 8301 is a SIP connection and an ATA is not required (nor will it work with the 8301). For information on 3rd Party Sip devices. The 8301 Line Out (terminal 3 and 4) connects to either the Tip and J3) using an RJ11 modular connector or the Page T and Page R inputs on the Valcom V-2001A via a 2-wire connection to the terminal strip. On the 8301 web interface, go to Basic Settings -> Features and set the Line Out Analog Output Level to “-10dBm 600 ohm (0.245 Vrms)”.


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