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View and Retrieve Logs from an Audiocodes Device


How to view and retrieve logs from an Audiocodes device.

Applies To

  •   Audiocodes


  1. Login in to your Audiocodes device from your computer via a web browser.

    From a phone connected to the Audiocodes device, Dial ***12345 to access the IVR. Dial 1 # to get the IP address

  2. Navigate to Configuration System Syslog.
  3. Follow the configuration below:
  4. Navigate to Status&Diagnostics > System Status > Message Log to view logs.

If No Logs Are Found

If there are no logs and there is only a message saying Logs is Activated you can install Syslog Viewer from the site. Make sure that in the Audiocodes Configuration, you enter the IP Address of the computer where you are installing Syslog Viewer. After installing Syslog Viewer, follow the process below:

  1. Navigate to File > Connect To and add the IP of the Audiocodes device.
  2. Press Connect.

    You can ignore the unsupported device error as the logs should be retrieved after closing the Web Connection window.


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