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Poly OBi300 OBi508: Determining If an OBI-300 is Defective


Determine whether a Obihai 300 is in a good working status.

Applies To

  • OBI 300 device
  • Overhead Paging
  • Fax


Gather the IP Address of the Obihai

  1. Connect an analog phone to the Obihai adapter.
  2. Dial #123 to retrieve the IP and note it down.
  3. Navigate to this IP address in a browser, on a computer that is on the same network and the adapter.

Login to the Adapter

  1. Login to web UI of OBI 300.
  2. From the Status Menu, select PHONE Port Status.
  3. If the Line Port status or Port Status doesn't have any entries or Voltage value, it's defective.

Example of a Good OBI 300


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