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How to manually factory reset your Cisco 3PCC phone


Factory Reset Cisco 3PCC devices

Applies To

  • Cisco 3PCC IP Phones


Perform Factory Reset from Phone Menu

Press Applications > Device Administration > Factory Reset > OK.

Reset via the device GUI

Determine the IP address by pressing the Applications or gear button.

Navigate to Status and press the Select softkey.

Navigate to Network status and press the Select softkey.

Navigate to IPv4 status

Note the IP address

On your computer, launch a web browser and enter the following format in the address bar: http://<Phone IP>/admin/factory-reset and then press the Enter key.

cisco Factory Reset.png



Reset from the device keypad

  1. Unplug the phone: If using PoE, unplug the LAN cable
  2. Wait 5 seconds.
  3. Press and hold # and plug the phone back in.
  4. When the light on the Mute button turns off, press 123456789*0# in sequence. After you press these buttons, the phone goes through the factory reset process
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