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8x8 Support

Cisco ATA Adapters Star Commands


Which star code commands are supported on Cisco SPA ATA analog phone adapters with 8x8 service?

Applies To

  • Cisco SPA 122 ATA analog phone adapter


Cisco SPA ATA Adapters Star Commands 

* Code Description 8x8 Supported?
07 Redial. Yes
56 Enable call waiting. Yes
57 Deactivate call waiting. Yes
67+DID Make an anonymous call. Yes
68 Removes caller ID blocking on all outbound calls. Yes
69 Return last call received. Yes
72 Forward all calls.
Dial *72, wait for the tone, dial number calls will be forwarded to, then wait for confirmation beep.
73 Remove Forward All Calls. Yes
77 Block all anonymous calls. Yes
78 Enable DND. Yes
79 Disable DND. Yes
87 Removes blocking of all anonymous calls. Yes
92 Forward No Answer.* Yes
93 Remove Forward No Answer.* Yes

*Requires that your PBX's (phone system's) No Answer Forward rule be set at a duration longer than 3 rings (preferably, 25 seconds). If your phone system is generally set to pick up voicemail after 15 seconds, that setting will always take priority over what is entered directly on the phone.

Additional Information

Note that dialing an unsupported code may result in an Internal Server Error.

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