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Cisco Linksys SPA122 and SPA2102 Hard Fax Troubleshooting

In order to test or troubleshoot a hard fax connection using the Cisco Linksys SPA adapter, you must first obtain the adapter IP address. Learn more here.

Here are some things to check before testing/troubleshooting a hard fax connection using a Cisco/Linksys SPA adapter.

  1. Obtain adapter IP address.
    1. On the phone or fax machine, dial * * * * (the star key 4 times).
    2. At the IVR, enter 110 #.
    3. Note the IP address as it is spoken.
  2. On a computer on the same physical LAN as the adapter, enter the IP address into a browser.
  3. In the adapter web GUI, click Admin Login.
  4. Click Voice > Provisioning.
  5. Ensure both of the following Profile Rule addresses are entered properly.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Click Advanced Settings.
  8. Click Voice.
  9. Click the Line the fax machine is connected to.
  10. Under Audio Configuration, ensure that Preferred Codec is set to G.711.
  11. Ensure that Fax Enable T.38 is set to Yes.
  12. Click Submit All Changes.
  13. Re-test. If you continue to have issues, continue to hard fax troubleshooting.
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