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Forwarding Calls on a Desk Phone


Forwarding calls on a desk phone.

Applies To

  • Desk Phones
  • Call Forwarding


  • Forwarding settings on a physical phone will override your settings in 8x8 Admin Console.
  • Use desk phone forwarding rules sparingly to prevent call loops by using Call Queues in 8x8 Admin Console.
  • Call forwarding rules for an extension should generally be set within 8x8 Admin Console or 8x8 Work for Desktop to prevent the loss of these settings in case of an outage, or if you change phones.

Forwarding settings on physical phones vary based on make and model. Refer to your phone's user manual for full call-forwarding instructions.

Automatically Forward All Incoming Calls to Another Party or Extension (Static Forwarding)

  1. Press the Forward soft key.
  2. Select one of the following options:
    • Always (forwards all incoming calls) - Enter a number/extension to forward all future incoming calls to.
    • No Answer (forwards incoming calls when they are not answered) - Enter a number/extension to forward all unanswered incoming calls to, and how many rings to wait before forwarding. Two rings is recommended; one ring is approximately six seconds.
    • Busy (forward calls that arrive when you are already in a call) - Enter a number/extension to forward all future incoming calls to when you are already in a call. 
  3. Select Enable to confirm.

Manually Forward a Call as It Comes In (Dynamic Forwarding)

  1. When the phone rings, press the Forward soft key.
  2. Enter a number or extension to forward the incoming call to.
  3. Press the Enable soft key.
  4. The incoming call is forwarded to the other party. If call forwarding is disabled, all future calls will not be forwarded and forwarding will remain disabled.

Disable Call Forwarding

  1. From the idle display, press the Forward soft key.
  2. Select the forwarding type you want to change and then press the Select soft key.
  3. Press the Disable soft key.
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