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How to assign a DECT phone to an extension in Admin Console


How to assign a DECT phone base unit to your 8x8 service, and assign a related DECT handset to a user profile.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Admin Console
  • Panasonic DECT Phones
  • Yealink DECT Phones 
  • Poly DECT Phones


  1. In 8x8 Admin Console, navigate to Home > Devices.
  2. Check your device inventory to see if you have a supported DECT device. If your DECT Device Model is not currently listed, click +Add device model
  3. Select the required DECT model base unit and click Add device model.
  4. Select the required DECT model handset unit as needed and click Add device model.
  5. Navigate to Home > Users to assign the handset to a user.
  6. Locate the user you are assigning a handset to and click the pencil icon at the right to edit their user profile.
  7. Scroll down to Voice basic settings > Device model and select the handset from the drop-down menu.
  8. The Base device field appears when you select a handset. A message in red next to the field indicates the device has not been activated.
  9. From the Base device drop-down menu, select the corresponding base.
Note-Icon.png Note: As best practice, click Change Base Name and rename the base unit according to the department, group, or team, so that you can easily locate it later.

Important: For DECT units, the system will allocate the next available port to the next available handset. If all ports are currently assigned, the DECT base will not appear in the list.

  • Panasonic DECT phones support a maximum of eight ports / handsets.
  • Yealink DECT W52P, W60B and W70B phones support a maximum of 4, 8 and 10 ports / handsets, respectively.
  • Poly DECT VVX D230 and Rove B2 phones support a maximum of 8 and 10 ports / handsets, respectively.
  1. Select an activation method. You can either activate the device remotely (by applying the MAC address) or send the user the activation code.
  2. Click to Save the user profile.
  3. Users must plug in their base and handset, and connect the base unit to their ethernet (wired) network. They may need to activate their phones, if not activated remotely, and pair the handset with base.
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