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What are international phone call Exit Codes?


What is an exit code for phone calls?

What exit code should I use in order to place an international call?

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An exit code is a sequence of numbers used to place an international (an outbound call to a destination outside of the country you are calling from or that your phone number is based in). Exit codes are also known as international access codes or international direct dialing (IDD) codes. This prefix indicates that the call (or text message) should be directed to a phone number registered in another country.


NoteExit codes are unique to each origin country. Click here for a trusted and comprehensive list from

These days, the plus (+) symbol is an acceptable and convenient alternative to exit codes and is universally recognized as indicating an international call without the need to remember a specific number sequence.

Additional Information

In addition to an exit code (or the + sign), international calls typically require a country code and sometimes a trunk prefix, all ordered in appropriate sequence when dialing. Learn more about international dialing here.

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