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How do I access voicemail from my phone?


To access your Voicemail from a desk phone

8x8 Voicemail services allow you to keep your business running smoothly when you are unable to answer a call. This article covers the available features of 8x8 Voicemail and how to use them. For quick reference, you can download a handy one-page guide to 8x8 Voicemail here.

Note-Icon.png Did you know that you can easily access voicemail with the 8x8 Work for Mobile app for iOS and Android?

Applies To

  • Voicemail
  • Desk Phones
  • 8x8 Work Desktop
  • 8x8 Work Moble


Accessing Voicemail from Your Phone

  • From your own extension: Dial 555.
  • From another in-network extension: Dial 500.
  • To return to the main menu at any time, press *.
Note-Icon.png Note: Access to voicemail from an outside (non-8x8) line is restricted for your security. A workaround to allow this is to create an Auto Attendant (8x8 Admin Console | Account Manager) for your own number or another number in your system with an option that points to extension 500.

Managing Messages (New, Old, and Group Messages)

  • To listen to messages, at the main menu, press 1.
  • To save a message, during or after review, press 2.
  • To delete a message, during or after review, press 3.

Recording or Changing Greeting

  • To access greeting options, at the main menu, press 2.
  • Review, Record, and Delete greeting options include: first and last name, internal, external, lunchtime, after hours, meeting, weekend, and vacation.

Changing User Preference

  • To change user preferences, at the main menu, press 3.
  • User preference options include: password, call waiting, busy handling, no answer handling, Internet outage routing, and email notification.

Call Forwarding

  • To access call forwarding rules, at the main menu, press 4.
  • You can listen to, set, and delete forwarding rules.

Set Specific Greeting

  • To set a specific greeting, at the main menu, press 5.
  • Set any greeting you have recorded as the current greeting.

To enable or disable announcement-only mode

  • At the main menu, press 6.

For a downloadable Quick Reference Guide to the voicemail phone menu, click here.

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