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Aastra IP Phone: Reset to Factory Default


Do not perform a factory reset to address call quality issues!

In general, restoring factory defaults is not recommended and should only be a last resort when troubleshooting.

To Reset an Aastra IP Phone to Factory Default Settings

Before You Begin

If the phones have static IP's, be sure to access and write down that information: Options > Phone Status > IP & MAC Addresses

  1. Press Options.
  2. Select 5. Administrator Menu.
  3. Enter Password: 54321 (if provisioned) or 22222 (if not provisioned).*
  4. Select 5. Erase Local Config Erase > Cancel (Do not restart!)
  5. Select 4. Factory Default > Default > Cancel (Do not restart!)
  6. Select 1. Configuration Server.
  7. Select 5. HTTPS Settings.
  8. Select 5. Cert Validation.
  9. Select 1. Enable.
  10. Press the Change soft key so the screen reads Enable? No.
  11. Press Done repeatedly until the phone asks to restart, then Restart.
    (If phone does not ask to reboot and goes to main screen with 1 error: Go to Options > 6. Restart Phone.)

The phone will come online. If it does not, this is likely due to either a permanent physical phone issue or a network issue (static or cable).


Important: If you are attempting to provision a phone brought over from previous service with another provider and neither of these passwords work, the phone is locked and cannot be used for 8x8 service.

Any steps the customer attempts to take on their own to "unlock" the phone are at their own risk and not supported by 8x8.

Aastra GUI Examples

Below are screenshot examples of results of the correct configuration (applied above), taken from the Aastra phone GUI:

Configuration Server Settings

Config Server Settings_Edited.jpg

Network Settings > HTTPS Settings

Validate Certificates must not be Enabled.

Network Settings_Edited.jpg

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