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Which third party phones are compatible with 8x8 Services?

Applies To

  • 3rd party Device non-supported
  • Compatible phones purchased through a 3rd party (Non-8x8 Purchase)


Compatibility for 8x8 services with phones purchased through a 3rd party depends heavily on whether a factory-installed device certificate is present. See how to check for a valid certificate.

See the 8x8 Compatibility Matrix for a list of third-party devices that work with 8x8 services. In the case of Cisco and Poly phones brought over from a different service, which are supported and have a valid factory-installed device certificate, be sure to factory reset the phone before provisioning.

Additional Information


Note: Accommodation of devices not purchased from or originally provisioned for service by 8x8 is on a commercially reasonable effort basis. These devices are not guaranteed to be supported on 8x8 service. DECT equipment supplied by 8x8 has been pre-configured and updated with software to support 8x8 service and 8x8 secure service activation. Used or refurbished DECT equipment or customer supplied DECT equipment is currently not supported for DECT service.

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