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How to Pair a Panasonic Handset with the Base


To pair or register a Panasonic Handset with the base.

Applies To

  • Panasonic KX-TPA60
  • Panasonic KX-UDT131


  1. Confirm that the handset is displaying Register Unit.
  2. Press and hold the button on the side of the base (close to the Status light) for about 5 seconds to put it in Pairing Mode. The status will change from solid green to a blinking red light.
  3. Press OK on the Handset for about 2 to 3 seconds until the message Please Wait appears.
  4. The handset should display Registered with a beep to indicate that registration is successful.

Additional Information 

The handset may download some firmware. This should only take about three to five minutes. 

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