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How to Replace a Panasonic DECT Default Handset with a Ruggedized Handset

Do you want to replace your Panasonic DECT default handset with a ruggedized handset? Learn more about what you need and how to do this from here.

You can replace your standard Panasonic handset with a more rugged version. The default handset that comes with the base will no longer be needed. 

You Will Need
  • TGP 600 base with paired KX-TPA60 handset (comes in one box and paired by default)
  • KX-UDT131 Ruggedized handset


  1. Power on the TGP 600 base and handsets.
  2. Go to the TPA60 handset and unpair it from the base.
    1. Select System Settings.
    2. Select System Settings (within the first System Settings).
    3. Select Cancel Register.
    4. Select the handset you want to cancel.
  3. Hold down the TGP 600 pairing button for five seconds until it blinks red.
  4. Hold down the OK button on the UDT131 handset to pair it with the new device.
  5. Leave connected for at least five minutes to allow the handset to download the firmware from the base.
  6. Confirm the ruggedized handset shows the number 1 (one) icon on the upper left.
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