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How to Set the Ringer Volume on a Panasonic DECT Phone

Important-Icon.png Note: This product has reached end of life and may no longer be suppored by 8x8.


Set the ringer volume on a Panasonic DECT Phone.

Applies To

  • Panasonic KX-TPA60 & KX-TGP600


  1. Either press up on the arrow pad OR press the middle top softkey when on the home screen, please see photo below.
    ring menu.jpg
  2. If you pressed up on the arrow pad skip to step 3, if you pressed the softkey you will be taken to the menu below, scroll to Set Ringer Volume (musical symbol icon) and press OK.
    ring menu1.jpg
  3. The ringer will now start playing at the set volume, adjust this accordingly with the up and down arrow on the arrow pad and press OK when the ringer is at a suitable volume.