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Pairing A Poly Rove Handset To A B2 Base

Objective Edit section Edit section 

Pairing a Poly Rove handset to an active B2 Base unit.

Applies To Edit section Edit section 

  • Poly Rove B2 Base

  • Poly Rove 30 Handset

  • Poly Rove 40 Handset


Procedure Edit section Edit section 

1. Press and hold the button at the top of the B2 Base until it starts blinking green

Rove Base EDIT.png

2. On the handset you wish to pair, press the menu button


3. Navigate to Settings -> Connectivity -> Register -> Select first empty slot -> Enter Access/PIN Code (currently '0000' for all Rove devices)

4. Press Ok and the handset should register

5. Repeat steps 2-3 until all handsets are registered

6. Press and hold the button at the top of the B2 Base until it STOPS blinking and is solid green

7. To double-check that the handset is registered, you can press and immediately release the B2 Base button, and that will start paging all registered handsets

Additional details and a video may be found here.

Additional Information

Known Poly limitations on Poly Rove B2:

  • Maximum of 5 concurrent calls when G722 codec is used on all calls.

  • Maximum of 4 concurrent calls when G729a codec is used on all calls.

  • When G722 codec is enabled on the base, even if all calls negotiate to G711 codec, the maximum number of calls is 9.

  • SRTP cannot be enabled on this device in Admin Console. If this feature is required, please reach out to our support team who can enable it.

  • Poly does not yet support SIP Publishes on Rove devices, so no quality metrics will be available in ‘Analytics for 8x8 Work.

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