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How to Connect and Configure Poly VVX Sidecars


Connecting and configuring your 8x8 Poly VVX Sidecars.

Applies To

  • Poly VVX Sidecars


8x8's Poly VVX Sidecar expansion modules come in a 28-key digital color model and a 40-key paper label model. Use of Poly VVX Sidecars requires 8x8 Power Keys service, either purchased separately or as part of an Editions or X Series license, as well as any of the Poly VVX IP phone models below:

  • VVX 300,301,310,311
  • VVX 400,401,410,411
  • VVX 500,501
  • VVX 600,601
  • VVX 450 (with the mention that VVX 450 will use Poly VVX EM50 sidecars.)

More information about the phones can be seen on our device compatibility page.

Up to three Poly VVX Sidecars can be cascaded together to maximize the number of line keys available. (Joined Sidecars must be the same model.)

Connect Your Sidecar

Note-Icon.png Note: The following instructions are also available directly from Poly.
  1. Connect the base stand to your Sidecar at the same angle as your phone’s stand.
  2. Position the phone and Sidecar next to each other on a flat, level surface, as close together as you can.
  3. Locate the holes for the thumb screws (between the top-most and middle stand slot).
  4. Hold the metal bracket so that the four tabs face away from you, and the arrow on the back of the bracket points up.
  5. Position the holes in the metal bracket over the thumb screw holes. The four tabs on the bracket fit in the top-most and middle stand slots.
  6. Insert the thumb screws in the holes, and tighten using your fingers.
  7. Turn the phone and Sidecar upside down on the table.
  8. Insert the cable connector between the AUX port on the phone, and the AUX 1 port on the Sidecar, then thread the cable through the cable grooves on the Sidecar and phone. If the phone is connected to the network, the Sidecar will automatically power on and start up.
  9. To connect another Sidecar, attach another cable connector between the AUX 2 port on the first Sidecar and the AUX 1 port on the second Sidecar. (You can connect a maximum of three Sidecars to one phone.)

Configure Your Sidecar

Depending on the Power Keys plan you have purchased, your Sidecar can be configured for a combination of BLF keys (which allow you to monitor extensions to see who is busy and who is available) and Speed Dials.

Power Keys must be set up in 8x8 Admin Console by a system administrator. If you do not have access to 8x8 Admin Console, please contact your phone system admin to configure Power Keys for your Sidecar.

See the linked articles for steps to configure Power Keys in in 8x8 Admin Console.

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