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How to Provision a Poly VVX D230 through the Web GUI


Provisioning a Poly VVX D230 for 8x8 service.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Work
  • Poly
  • Provisioning


  1. On the handset, go to Menu > Settings > Basestation Info to obtain the assigned IP address.
  2. In a web browser on a computer on the same network as the phone, browse to the device's IP address.
  3. Enter the Username: admin / Password: admin. (Note: If you have already activated your device with 8x8 services, please be aware that the default password will no longer work as a unique password will be assigned. Click here for instructions on how to find your unique 8x8 device password).
  4. clipboard_e21333f8f4b615c91af8791ef2b6d4157.png
  5. Go to System Management > Auto Provisioning.
  6. In the ITSP Provisioning section, uncheck the Default box for ConfigURL and enter Value or copy and paste the following Provisioning link;${mac}.cfg;${mac}-cust.cfg


  1. Select Submit.
  2. Allow the device to reboot and connect to the 8x8 servers.

Additional Information

If your VVX D230 handset still prompts you to enter an activation code after activating, power cycle the base and the handset.

Known Issues and Limitations here.

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