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How to Import Contacts to Poly Devices


Import 8x8 contacts to a Poly desk phone.

Applies To

  • Poly desk phones
  • Contacts


  1. Press the Home button on the Poly device.
  2. Go to Directories > Ok.
  3. Select Recent Calls.
  4. Out of this list, highlight a random entry of the CALL LIST.
  5. Press INFO > SAVE.
  6. Save again.

You have now added the contact to the phone contact directory section. To view them, select Home Directories  > Contact Directory.

The contacts will also be displayed in the main page of the Poly phone.

Additional Information

As a side note we encourage you to use Work for Desktop or Work for Mobile when it comes to Importing your third-party contacts (see How do I import contacts in 8x8 Work for Desktop), however when it comes to the physical Poly devices, you will have to use this manual workflow in order to address this item.

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