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8x8 Support

Network Down - DHCP Failed - Stuck Initializing - Failed Boot


The phone is displaying Network Is Down, Network Link is Down, DHCP Failed, stuck at Initializing, or displaying Failed to boot

Applies To

  • Poly Phones


  1. Verify the cabling is plugged into the correct ports.
  2. Replace potential faulty cabling.
  3. Power cycle the affected phone(s).
  4. Perform a network power cycle.
  5. Bypass the wall port or switch and connect directly to the router to isolate potential hardware issues.
  6. Set a static IP on the phone.
  7. Ensure the router is giving out IPv4 addresses via DHCP, and not providing IPv6 addresses to the phone(s).
  8. If the issue persists and is only occurring on a single phone, factory reset and re-provision the phone.


  • A DHCP failure has occurred on the network
  • The phone's LAN port has failed
  • The DHCP server is providing IPv6 addresses 

Additional Information

If you are at a rented office location, the local IT group will likely need to be contacted to white-list the phone's MAC address on the switch.

Poly phones are not compatible with IPv6 addressing, and the phones will not be able to receive DHCP via IPv6.

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