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Error Occurred While Deactivating Poly Device in 8x8 Admin Console


When attempting to remove a Poly device from an extension in 8x8 Admin Console, you see an error message that reads, "An error occurred while deactivating device."

CM Error - crop.jpg

Applies To

  • 8x8 Admin Console
  • Poly Devices in 8x8 Admin Console

This only applies for X Series only. It does not apply to Legacy/Editions (Account Manager) users.


There is a workaround for removing the device from the extension.

  1. Change the device model.
  2. Opt for "Use Activation" code.
  3. Save. The system might show an error but it will remove the model and the MAC ID.
  4. Re-add the actual device model and add MAC ID.
  5. Power cycle the device.


The device shows Line Unregistered due to network interruption or device activation error.

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