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Failed to Get Boot Parameters Via DHCP in Poly SoundStation


When setting up your Poly SoundStation IP 6000, you see an error message that reads "Failed to get boot parameters via DHCP."

Applies To

  • Poly SoundStation IP 6000


Set the Ethernet Link Rate on the Switch Port

If the Ethernet Link Rate of the Poly IP 6000 is 10/100Mbps, it will fail to auto-negotiate a Tx/Rx rate with a Gigabit Ethernet port on the switch. Manually set the switch port where the phone is connected to 100FD (100 Full-Duplex).


The Poly Soundstation IP 6000 supports a dual auto-sensing 10/100baseT Ethernet LAN Port.

If the Poly IP 6000 is plugged into a Gigabit 10/100/1000 switch port, 8x8 suggests you set your switch port to static speed 100 full duplex full instead of auto-sensing.

Not defining the speed and duplex manually causes a duplex mismatch. The effect of a duplex mismatch is a link that operates inefficiently. A duplex mismatch may be caused by manually setting two connected network interfaces at different duplex modes or by connecting a device that performs auto-negotiation to one that is manually set to a full duplex mode.

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